Products and Services

Savings/current account/other investments that earn pure profits managed by experienced brothers based on Ikhlas and experience
Fees and service charges that have no interest implications
Bills payments
Debit card purchases
Credit cards services (issuances, accounts management, various repayment options, etc.) based on Islamic principles
Funds transfers
Investing in Partnership with Muslim businesses and business persons (Musharakah, Murabahah, etc.)
Islamic insurance based on cooperative funding
Investments for planned Future Retirement
Investments for planned Future Education
Investment guides towards your plans for your burial
Administering your Zakah on request
Cheques issuances
Money orders
Bank drafts
Currency exchanges
Investments in various other businesses that are involved in purely halal businesses yielding halal returns
Short term financing plans: small business/other purpose loans in accordance with Islamic principles and membership guidelines and bye-laws
Long term financing: Large business loans, mortgages, line of credits based on Musharakah, Murabahah, etc.