Al Mukarram generally coordinates and harnesses cooperation between Muslims for the purposes of achieving peculiar aims, objectives, goals, missions, and purposes which have not been included in the agenda of the Muslim community, or have been included but their achievement has eluded the Muslim community for years.

The ICUC Project

This project is aimed at establishing and operating a community level financial institution, a Credit Union, which would be owned by its members, in accordance with the Credit Union guidelines in Ontario. Currently, the Muslim community in the whole of Canada has no Credit Union of its own, when, in contrast, other ethnic and religious communities do.


More about ICUC Project……

Please spare a few minutes to complete a critical survey by ICUC, a proposed Islamic Credit Union. The rationale behind this survey is to assess community support for a Muslim (Sharia-compliant) credit union in the GTA.

There are currently no credit unions that have been established to operate solely upon the tenets of the Muslim faith. This initiative is led by our Masjid Imam Shaikh S. Y. Suleiman, who has been working on this project for over a decade.

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Why should you support ICUCProject

  • Ownership – A community-owned credit union – Allah’s blessing is upon the jama’ah (and you will be one of the owners) and in unity, we are stronger
    Pure – A deposit-taking financial institution purely without involving interest
  • Growth-oriented – We are the fastest growing community without our own credit union
  • Letter of the Law – We’ve strictly adhered to regulations all along, have met the regulators several times & are the most well informed in the entire community in this area
  • Integrity & Trust – We value our integrity and are very conscious of your trust & have not asked for a cent from anyone to date
  • Sharee’ah Compliant – and endorsed by renowned Islamic scholars
  • The most experienced group (a team of professionals) – on this issue in the community
  • Government support – project supported by the former Minister of Finance, Charles Souza and currently by both the MP and the MPP